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Return - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Oct 31


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The rest of my trip to Los Angeles was very very good. I did... well, very little. Hung around with Shadowcat and Kaysho and Kayotae. And of course, the fourfoots as well (woof).

The flight back could have been dicey; the day prior, they'd cancelled a number of flights due to a regional air traffic control centre having been closed due to fires licking at the base of the building in San Diego. Nevertheless, I made it off the ground safely, and got some pictures of a couple of the fires as we were heading out. I'll post those up today.

There are other pictures from my trip in the usual place (direct link). The ones from the last day or so and the flight back should appear there... sometime soon.

Meanwhile, work is being work-like. It's not bad; people are actually listening, mostly. We'll have to see how long that holds out.

Went in for the dental appointment. Blah. A bit worse than I thought. This will take several appointments to resolve. While looking at things, they discovered a couple more fillings that need to be replaced or they'll do the same thing the first one did. Yes, my teeth aren't perfect, but they're not getting any worse at this point; I'm paying for bad behaviour in my teens. Blah. And of course, while prodding, they actually caused irritation that's going to annoy me for a while yet. Ah well. It'll sort it out. At least I have one of the better denstist around (handles a number of professional athletes).

And now, it's Hallowe'en. No costume here. Well none that anyone would notice. :)

Still waiting for my copy of Final Fantasy XI online to show up. Meanwhile, I still have some people to play with on Eve, so it's not at all bad.

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