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Hamilton - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Oct 06


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The main highlight of this weekend past was visiting Khaki and Kareeshus in Hamilton. I seem to be having a bit of an outbound travel curse. The bus trip down there was a bit miserable (90 minutes instead of 50). The trend from the last trip is holding though — the trip back was very smooth.

Eventually, I did make it there. Their place is in perhaps not the best neighbourhood, but it's certainly nice enough. We had a great time. Consumption of alcohol and pizza occurred, some discussion and showing off of computer stuff. We watched the Undergrads first season, and a few other things, and generally slacked and had fun. I don't usually stay up until 0500, but it wasn't actually all that difficult this time around. Heeh.

Not much else to say there, I guess. Life continues on. Work's being work; some interesting things might be happening, but it's all remote at the moment. Rumour. More later.


Date:2003 Oct 06 - 21:22 (UTC)
Not the best neighbourhood? But you can get free methodone right next door besides the abandoned Chinese restaurant! And that's an amenity just not available in most neighbourhoods.