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I just like the sound of that.

This weekend just past, I followed through on a promise I made. I promised that I would see Augie again one more time before he was deployed to a sandy place. On Thursday night, we made the final arrangements — it seemed he'd managed to get Monday off, so it would work out as a longer weekend than normal.

The flight out there was... hellish. Well, once in the air it was fine, it was the combined 5+ hours of delays between the two flights that made a trip that was supposed to take about 9-10 hours from the time I left work until I got to the hotel extend into its 13th hour. When the night clerk at the hotel says "I was wondering when you were going to turn up", you know you're late.

The rest of the weekend was a vast improvement over the flight. On Saturday, I wandered around Seattle. I had the notion of heading out to the Utilikilts home base and store. Of course, thanks to Mapquest (evil! evil!) I ended up well and truly in the wrong direction. I'm not complaining all that much. Exercise, record warmth and sun and seeing various bits of a city I'm finding I agree with quite well. Eventually, I did get there, thanks to some long distance guidance from one of my favourite wolfs --scritches p0rt--. Shopping occurred.

About the time I was getting back to the hotel, Augie showed up. We found some dinner, and watched a movie and talked a whole bunch.

The next morning, we set out to explore the town a bit. Silly Hyena expected me to be like most of the others in this world and not like walking. We walked. Did some poking around, did the underground tour, walked and gawked a bit more. Food and shopping occurred. And of course, more talking. Evening brought movies and so on.

Monday I had to head home, and so did he. It was a good time. I think he enjoyed himself; I know I did. I'm glad I had the chance to do this.

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