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Blah - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Sep 24


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Date:2003 Sep 25 - 05:46 (UTC)
It's Thursday and you don't know if you'll be flying somewhere tomorrow? Get ready to pack them bags!

Anyway, yeah, I was going to o to the GFB, but a handful of people actually from Guelph who I was hoping to spend some time with aren't going, and not having any transportation there or back, save for busses complicated things more.

Plus, except for showing off in a batting cage for 5 minutes, there wasn't much planned that I had a great interest in. The evening looked more appealing, but I couldn't really justify going all the way to Guelph & Waterloo just for that. Not on the fairly limited budget I've got.

So anyways, yeah, let me know if you want to come by on Saturday or wotnot.