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Blah - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Sep 24


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This weekend past was a time of blahs. Not going to go into it much lest I start sounding a bit angsty. Considerable self-deprecation and self-examination. Maybe a small realisation or two, especially about the network of those around me I care about the most. And realised how much I miss them.

I don't worry too much about blah moods when they hit; I try to treat them constructively. But it's still not precisely fun.


Date:2003 Sep 24 - 19:19 (UTC)
Getting out of the house can de-blah wonderfully. Want to come over to mine sometime this weekend?
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Date:2003 Sep 24 - 19:29 (UTC)
Well, actually, I'm glad I didn't go anywhere over the weekend. I would not have been fun to be around and I would not have had a good time. At times like that it really is better for me to work through it on my own.

The invitation this weekend is possibly tempting. If I'm not flitting across the continent on Friday afternoon, it definitely bears consideration.

Date:2003 Sep 25 - 05:46 (UTC)
It's Thursday and you don't know if you'll be flying somewhere tomorrow? Get ready to pack them bags!

Anyway, yeah, I was going to o to the GFB, but a handful of people actually from Guelph who I was hoping to spend some time with aren't going, and not having any transportation there or back, save for busses complicated things more.

Plus, except for showing off in a batting cage for 5 minutes, there wasn't much planned that I had a great interest in. The evening looked more appealing, but I couldn't really justify going all the way to Guelph & Waterloo just for that. Not on the fairly limited budget I've got.

So anyways, yeah, let me know if you want to come by on Saturday or wotnot.