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Splat - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Sep 17


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Blah. Another week, and another missed entry. At least I've been having some fun. :)

Visited Furp over the weekend. I had a really great time, except for the flight down there. At least the trips to and from the airport were relatively stress-free. Even though Furp almost went to the wrong airport (despite clear directions from me). Most of it was not terribly newsworthy (at least, not unless you're the gossipy type; which I am almost never). The paintball session on Saturday evening was very fun. Even though we both paid for it for at least a couple days after.

A very early flight back to a Monday full of work. And missing Furp. It was most enjoyable.

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Date:2003 Sep 18 - 08:25 (UTC)
Hope you have the energy to visit this Saturday evening. ICQ me tonight sometime and we'll work out all the details.
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Date:2003 Sep 18 - 17:46 (UTC)
Hey you forgot!

I finally showed up and kept my promise:P