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No, no recent updates. I'm not apologizing. Most of what I say is immediate, small in scope and sits in IM, on FB or suchlike. Still, end of the year is a good time to do a recap of the last little while.

Much of the year was taken up with a big focus on the Big Work Project. When it finally released in October (Thanksgiving weekend, no less), it was a very nice stress release. The project: an iPad application for one of the print magazines my employer publishes. It's gotten decent reviews. iOS 4.2 has caused some pain, but we'll see about that. :)

The gaps in the work year have been filled with the handful of other (iPhone) applications I'm responsible for. Or partly so, at least.

There was a reasonable amount of travel as well. Went down to New York City on business a few times (and used the trips to find some good times as well). Once was not a success due to February storms. Now it's slightly humorous, but at the time I was not amused at spending the whole day either circling Laguardia or being diverted to BWI...

Gallifrey One was quite fun, unsurprisingly. As usual, I got to see a few other bits of California as well. Getting home... well, I should have noticed the pattern, but didn't until much later... but it was another case of excessive travel woes. I am looking forward to 2011. Booked and everything.

New ink was acquired over the summer. Imperial Tattoo is a great place and Ronan is a fantastic artist. Of interest, one session was during the Police State Dry Run (i.e. when the G20 invaded the city).

Well, the G20 stuff needed a mention... let's just say that between the police tactics and the stupidity of the "black bloc" the city still isn't quite the place it was before. There was at least one rally that went the way it should.

One of the big events this summer was my escape from the stress and deadlines of the iPad project with a nice excursion to Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

I had an amazing time; Stockholm in particular is a very compatible city. Seeing so many fun performers at the year's final Diggiloo was wonderful, even if slightly incomprehensible in bits. The Vasa Museum is likewise an impressive place well worth most of a day.

In fact, it was so enjoyable, including hanging out with some old friends and new, that... I returned to Stockholm at the end of November. Definitely a different pace of visit, but another excellent time. And, by the Rule of Three... returning home was a complete circus. A 12 hour journey ended up taking 44 due to massive and continual incompetence by Air Canada, even though I started the day on British Airways. There's a long rant in here, but it's not necessary at the moment. Suffice it to say Air Canada is on the Recommend Against list, but as we tend to do, I made some new friends in the adversity.

The year wraps up with planning for Gallifrey 2011 as well as my third trip to Stockholm. Ticket right near the front for Melodifestivalen! Woot. Also, did manage to get to see the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert musical before it wraps up to head off to Broadway. An evening of fun performances and spectacular staging. Not entirely pleased with all the music changes from the movie, but that's largely irrelevant to the quality of the show.

I can see I've left out quite a lot. But that's fine; more to talk about one on one. :) For now...

Gott Nytt År! Jag önskar dig ett fantastiskt 2011!

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