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Yeah, I've been quiet. There's not much to be worth saying lately.… - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2010 May 12


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Yeah, I've been quiet.

There's not much to be worth saying lately.

Well. That's not entirely true. But nothing much to natter about. Mostly introspective things.

And planning for summertime travels. And small bits of home reorganization. And work, sometimes with the (definitely aging) fourfoot in tow. iPad stuff is fun on a technical level, but it's somewhat annoying watching the way that Jobs carries on. (Not just this recent thing, but... yeah...)

Yep. Lots of little things. None worth nattering on. Which is probably why I'm not so crazy about write-only social networking.


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Date:2010 May 14 - 03:30 (UTC)
Yeah, I've been thinking about that.

It would be ideal if, instead of just having a time-organized page of items that stream away into the ether regardless of the interest of the participants, it were possible to tag other people's articles as being of interest. These tagged articles would then be organized by most recent contribution (not just original posting time) so that active discussions remained current, while stale ones drifted off into the past.

Right now, only the people in a direct thread notice updates, and other people, who might still be interested, never find out that anyone else is still discussing.
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Date:2010 May 14 - 09:41 (UTC)
As you've likely noticed, my LJ has been rather stagnant as well. There's just not been much worth commenting on lately. My life had a massive upheaval, and now that things have settled, well, I'm back to being boring! I suppose it's better than the alternative!