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Dark - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Aug 15


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World + dog will probably be posting their impressions of this week's blackout, so I won't go on about it much, except to say:

  • Everyone here is safe and well
  • We have limited power (rolling power availability)
  • Toronto has been very quiet and orderly — with some amusing local stories
  • It was very very cool to see the Milky way from the street outside my house, instead of having to drive an hour or more as I usually would do.
  • I wish I'd put the money I wanted to into a solar cell array on the roof when I was wanting to; I procrastinated, wanting the efficiency of cells to increase first. Ah well.
  • My visit to Keman this weekend is (obviously) cancelled

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Date:2003 Aug 15 - 16:44 (UTC)
For some inexplicable reason, my attempt to say hi on ICQ backfired once you replied. Now it works not!

Well, sounds like you did OK.