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2010 Jan 10


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Date:2010 Jan 18 - 23:34 (UTC)
I wish I could recall the name of the artist whose look so clearly anticipated/influenced the geographic imagery. The names that came to mind were Whelan and Rodney Matthews, but neither seems to be right.

A very minor thought I had (that doesn't negate anything you said): I'm not sure the next ship out would have the means to do anything "constructive." The "turtle" was large compared to the apparent capacity of the star ship we see at the beginning (using the shuttle for comparison), so most arriving star ships (now that the base is up and running and the status quo appears stable) would only be carrying spare parts, consumables, etc. No need to be in process of shipping out equipment for another airborne regiment when you've already got one in place... (Especially not for a bottom-line-focused corporation.)

Which means that a full response (short of a kamikaze run in a shuttle) to the natives is basically round-trip to Earth away. IIRC, Jake notes that he's been asleep for 6 years, so a response won't arrive for at least 12 (or more if the trip is relativistic).

One of the nice things about the HUGE SWEEPING VISTAS was that at least everything was in focus, so my eyes had a chance to relax. :)