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2010 Jan 10


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Date:2010 Jan 11 - 06:32 (UTC)
I saw it in 2D and now know I missed a whole lot. I knew the plot (such as it was) about 3 minutes into the film, or however long it was before our hero showed up. I felt it was a real waste of Weaver.

If I get the gumption up I will see it again in 3D, but...
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Date:2010 Jan 11 - 10:57 (UTC)
I agree, Weaver was underutilized. I'm not too disappointed about that, however. If she'd been more central, there is the risk of her trying to vy with the production. She wouldn't win that battle and it would have been jarring.

I would encourage anyone who's going to see it to try it in 3D. The use of the gimmick of 3D in the storytelling is much better than most 3D movies. With a better plot and some better writing, this could have been such an amazing movie. However, if you've already seen it as 2D, I can't say that spending more money on it is warranted. Maybe with some good company (which is what I had along with me) or you can just shut off the brain and enjoy the production.