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2009 - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Dec 31


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I'm not at all disappointed to be seeing the last of 2009. To be sure the suck associated with 2009 began in earnest prior to the start of the year (*cough* surgery and layoff). Contrariwise, the last few weeks of the year have been better. The new work is interesting (definitely) and I was able to cycle in to the office up to Christmas.

Still, 2009 is done. Where'd I put that fork? I could manage a few final pokes.

The take-away from this year is "Everybody Leaves". Not a new one of course, just heavily reinforced this year.

Everybody. Leaves.

Sometimes it's a bad thing. Sometimes it's a good thing. But it is universal. Everybody leaves. With skill, fate and effort, you might delay or alter the manner of its occurrence. You cannot, however, alter the fact. So... celebrate people while they are around, remember them after they leave, and don't close yourself to people arriving.

And bring on 2010.