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Eesh - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Dec 26


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I am really not good at updating. Actually, I sort of am, but the small, minor day-to-day stuff ends up on FB.

After pretty much a year of continued suck, the last couple months have followed an uptick. Rebalancing of supplements has evened out the biologics. That's a useful basis, but it's not enough to rely on chemicals for improvements. Medical imaging shows that I'm about where I should be a year on from the surgery.

Intellectual challenge has been an important part of the recent trend as well. Getting to flex mental muscles is a good framing element -- getting paid for it makes it better. I'm doing iPhone application development now, stretching the minimal Objective C knowledge I've been carrying around for years. Any rants and raves about iPhone development (libraries, environment and app store policies) is quite a different post. It's certainly significantly more interesting than the work I was doing before.

The weather has been co-operating to an extent; I was riding my bike to work (12.5km) even this week. The last few days were a bit brisk (-10C, -15 windchills) but quite tolerable. Traffic this week was lighter than usual and I was actually fairly pleased to be doing it.

There's more, but it's all secret, you see. Or at least delayed to some future post. (ha!)