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NY-DWNY - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Aug 25


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After Furp's BBQ, I took a side trip to New York. The DWNY monthly pub night was conveniently the following Wednesday and some blue sky searches on airline fares showed me that it was even slightly cheaper to swing through NYC on my way home from Milwaukee. For air fare, of course. The trip itself was more expensive, but it was still a good time. Did a few touristy things, one of the most amusing was my 'commute' up the Hudson (River, not the four foot) on the 'water taxi'. I was able to get a few cool pictures and not worry about being 'touristy'.

It's amusing to find that in NYC, as in most other places I go, people stop to ask me for directions. Sometimes I can even help! Not this time, though.

On Wednesday, the DWNY pub night was a fun time. SoHo is quite an interesting part of town. As with many places in New York, it resonates with parts of Toronto. Of course, the NYC versions are more likely to be the original, as they feel more complete and intense. The pub night was decently sized; perhaps 40 people there all told. Much fun and some alchohol was consumed.

The star attraction of the evening was Gary Russell, relatively well-known in Whovian circles. Of course, there was more than just Gary (but don't tell him that!). Eventually, some forays were made for food, and a place serving hot dogs with bulgogi and kimchee was located. Surprisingly good!

Eventually, the evening ended. I got to meet people from Gallifrey One, and some very cool new people. Unfortunately, JRB wasn't there; would have been excellent to see him again. But I can say I may well try to make it to more of the gatherings. Definitely fun.


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Date:2009 Aug 31 - 07:43 (UTC)


That looked great! We have to make it out there for one of these events.