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Furp's BBQ

Last Saturday in Wisconsin, I attended evil_dwagon's BBQ memorial. Just shy of 6 months since he was killed in February, his family and friends gathered to enjoy each others' company and memories of him. Contrary to the funeral, this was not a sad ocassion. He'd certainly not have wanted it to be; there had been many other BBQs in the past and none of them sad occasions.

There was food aplenty, company galore. Even wine for unclekage to enjoy.

Security provided by Hunter. As you might expect, I managed to take some pictures.

Furp's fursuit (Zeblong) has found a good home; so has some of his other things -- others will find their new homes soon.

Lynne, Hank and their whole family are amazing people and the way that they are moving forward is an inspiration. It's quite difficult at times, I know.

There's still a lot I have to work through myself, but this gathering was a very good and powerful thing. Thanks to everyone I met (and met again) for contributing to it!

(There was a lot more I might have said, but it doesn't seem so important right now...)

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