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A week ago, I picked up a new camera. After years of point and shoots. In years gone by I had used a Minolta SLR with a small assortment of lenses. When the digital age arrived I opted for easily portable Point and Shoot style cameras, especially given the expense (and initial unavailability) of proper Digital SLRs. Since the field has matured much over the last few years, it seemed about time to get back into it (and given that prices have become much more reasonable).

With the legacy glass, the obvious choice was Sony. In the end I decided on the A350, which is a nice compromise between affordability and power. A sweet spot. And, as it is "last year's model", it's being marked down. I find this amusing as I found the A350 much more appropriate to me than either of its possible replacements in the mid-level consumer DSLR market (A330 and A380).

Of course, I now need to relearn (and learn the first time in some cases) how to work with (D)SLRs and take Real Pictures. A new twist of course is the "workflow". I'm only taking RAW format images so I can have some fine control over results. I'm not making any claim to greatness, but I'm enjoying the learning experience and having a few fairly respectable images, even in this teething period.

Now, if I can only remember to reset *all* the camera settings correctly after I mess around with them. And find willing subjects...

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