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The Sun! - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Jul 22

16:11The Sun! 

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Last week saw an interesting development: the installation of 1.75kW of solar PV panels on the house. It took a bit longer than the plan was, but that was okay. I learned a lot from the installers, and they were cool guys. They've been very busy this summer. Ontario has instituted a feed-in tariff for residential (and small commercial) PV that's very attractive -- 80.2 cents per kWh -- basic rates for electricity run around 11 cents (once you add in Ontario Hydro debt retirement and all the other extras on a hydro bill).

While I'm fairly sure that the structure of society will be significantly different at the other end of the 20 year contract that the rate is good for, it's a good deal for now and helped to drive this preparation -- such as it is. Better to have a little electricity than none. Of course, the tariff is only for grid tie, so there's no storage at the moment. But that can be added later.

It's already gotten some questions, and some semi-serious inquiries from a couple of neighbours. The more that get installations, the happier I'll be. (Plug for the buying group near me: R.I.S.E. Again.)

The only disappointing part is that even though the panels are up and tested, they're not yet connected to the grid. This requires an inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority... and their primary inspector for my area is on vacation, doubling the workload on his backup. Could take a couple of weeks for the inspection. Then comes the connect order and the installation of the new meter... probably another week. Every day lost is sunshine wasted!

In any case, there are some pics here.


Date:2009 Jul 23 - 01:16 (UTC)
My neighbor across the street has installed solar panels. Took a long time as he is inthe business and had to attend to everyone else. I hope to do it soon.