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Assortment - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Apr 29


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The contract work continues apace. Somewhat less organized than it was supposed to be, but due to the dispersed stakeholders (geographically) this is hardly surprising and it's all going about according to plan.

I've ridden my bike in on two days this week now. Considering I've been away from it for six months, the rides have been pretty respectable. I think my bike computer needs a new battery though; it thinks the ride is longer than it was last year. Or maybe the Earth is getting larger!

In other news... I came across some old Hyborian War (play by post) turns, and got to thinking. Then got to tinkering. I'm implementing a PBEM (play by e-mail, but really could have a web interface thrown in front of it too) version of a strategy game I co-designed a decade ago. I'd tried a couple times before, but got bogged down. This time I've made more progress in the last weekend than I had before. I credit the flexibility of Python.

Maybe after another couple weekends of work, I may need to start looking for some very understanding early alpha testers.


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Date:2009 May 01 - 18:44 (UTC)
Hey, I might actually have time for a pbem...

A couple of my game-playing co-workers have conceived of an enthusiasm for the new D+D miniatures game, so that's kinda co-opted our regular gaming for the past few weeks. You're invited to join us again when we get back to normal gaming - your current work schedule permitting.

It's good to hear you've got a bit of work going.

Yay cycling! Though riding home last night was just about as much fun as you'd expect. :-P