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Lunacon - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Mar 29


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Lunacon was last weekend. I had a good time. The beginning was better than the end for reasons unrelated to the event. It was very good to meet up with some of the usual Lunacon suspects. I took only a few pictures (and rather fewer of those made the "postable" cut.

Lunacon seemed rather more subdued and smaller than my last couple of encounters with it. Of course, some part of it is due to the tanking economy (I saw more than a couple signs during my travels that things are worse than people are letting on to others or even themselves). I also had suggestions of con-running drama. I know, you're as surprised as I.

I did get a new LJ icon out of it, which may come to use in the future.

Also an artifact of the trip is a very slim possibility of work several months in the future. Well, sort of. As usual with me it's rather complicated and (all together now) "I'll explain later".

I got to spend some time with Max, and experience portions of NYC's transit system. I didn't get to meet up with any of the DWNY crew, which is a disappointment, but Lunacon


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Date:2009 Mar 30 - 05:23 (UTC)
Well, I recognized a few people...

...but what was up with the mustard fountain?
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Date:2009 Mar 30 - 10:27 (UTC)
It was a cheese fountain.

Well. Cheese food product, most likely.

I wasn't brave enough to try it. In the words of someone who was (Josepha): "It's cold." That was more than enough to confirm my lack of bravery in the matter.

There was a chocolate fondue at the next table. I wasn't brave enough for that either.

All of this was at the mill-and-swill on the first night.