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Vet - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Mar 17


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Hudson went on a trip to the vet today for his annual check up. A little bit early this year because he's been having a bit more trouble with his back and a couple other minor things. Fairly expensive, but I'm not worried much about that. He loves going to the vet. The walk is nice (the weather co-operated wonderfully), and he loves the waiting room. Lots of fun smells and happy people.

Once he realises he's going into the front examination rooms though, he's suddenly much less pleased with things and wants desperately to return to the Happy Land of smells (cat food!) and treats (not cat food). He's not that bad about it, but he's stubborn in his insistence of pointing and edging towards the door (open or not). He's still in relatively good spirits. Getting weighed... well, that's okay too, except he uses it as an excuse to get more attention (he doesn't pass up many of those). Then the realization dawns; it's time to go into the back examination room.

That's where Bad Things(tm) happen. Poking, and prodding and goopy stuff in ears, and neeedles! He's a good dog, but it . He's always glad I'm there; leaning and trembling some. Tempted by the opportunity to jump off the table (which would make a rather bad landing and possible real trouble for a dog of his age (13 now)), he leans more. Eye contact and he relaxes a bit.

Suddenly it's all over, and it's back to Happy Land. Tail going in circles, mugging the assistance for treats, back to sniffing the cat food, and the longer, leisurely stroll home (1.5km).

And sleep.

It was a tough day for him, and it's not even noon. Fortunately, his schedule for the rest of the day includes plenty of nap time.


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Date:2009 Mar 17 - 22:27 (UTC)
Wow! A dog who largely likes the vet. Sam hates the vet from start to finish.
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Date:2009 Mar 18 - 17:35 (UTC)
Aww, good Hudson! I'm sure he received plenty of treats -- though really, are there ever enough? -- in reward. Pass along my love.
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Date:2009 Mar 20 - 17:38 (UTC)
Overall it sounded like a good visit. Give him an extra treat and say it was from the hyena, hehe ^^