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Goodbye you silly dragon - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Feb 28

22:33Goodbye you silly dragon 

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Today we said good bye to Furp (evil_dwagon). He was a special one to many different groups, to many different people in many ways. He was... is... special to me in ways beyond even those.

Today at the memorial, around 300 of the people he touched deeply in life gathered to celebrate and remember all that he was, all that he gave, and all that he caused (mischief and aid both delivered with the trademark impish grin and tilted head) to be.

We exchanged tales of him, remembered little things and big. There were tears. But there was also laughter. After the service and at the dinner, the laughs well outnumbered the tears. That's the way he wanted (no, demanded!) it.

He has left us. But he's not gone. Not completely. Part of him will live on in me (and in others, but this is my journal and he was incredibly special).

Help remember Furp. Take a first responder course. Take care of yourself at cons. Take care of each other at cons. And sign that organ donor card. And remember you're still alive to do all of these things. Live.

I have some pictures and some video from the service. Lynne has said I should post them, which I will do soon.