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Travel - Musings of Unayok

2009 Feb 26


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Pictures are now up from my travels along the west coast of the US (with a day trip to Vancouver to pick up my iPhone). There are also some photos of me around my surgery last year, but I'm not linking those; if you're really interested, I'm sure you can find them.

Despite the end of the trip being shrouded in loss, I had a wonderful time. I could have spent a lot longer at each place but the company and the activity was all very very cool. Gallifrey itself could have gone on at least a day longer and I wouldn't have minded.

First stop was San Jose, where I spent a couple of days in the company of kaysho and kayotae and assorted other types. We did a day trip to SF to partake in a beer festival (of sorts; it ended up involving more chocolate than beer, but that's fine by me!). Sunday was spent on a wine tasting tour of Livermore Valley in the company of bovil and kproche where I found a couple of nice bottles.

The following few days I hung out with bovil and kproche prior to traveling down to Gally. I decided I didn't quite have enough going on on-line so spent some days getting my Facebook and Twitter presences set up. thegoodmo came down for a (too short!) visit and that was good. And BASFA.

Gallifrey One... I could talk for quite a while on this. It was a very fun place to be. Worth Full Price. Highlights? Meh. Too many. Meeting and hanging around with factor17 as well as very fun people from last year (and new ones this year), especially Mette and Brian, and John (R-B). Don't fret if I didn't mention you; I had a blast with everyone, wanted more, but this entry is already plenty long. Togas, Daleks singing karaoke, the amusement of watching someone new to the fandom get completely immersed in it.

The trip to Seattle seemed longer than it should have been. Most of that was delays in LAX though. Eventually, I got to augie_hyena's place. This was a nice counterpoint to Gally; relaxing visit with a good friend. After seeing some of the utility and doing some careful expense calculations, I made the decision to commit iPhone. This gave us an excuse to do a day trip to Vancouver, BC so I could pick one up and get it set up for my carrier (guess which woofone it is). There was also an ulterior motive; I wanted to see a few neighbourhoods and get an idea of things in case against the odds the position I'm working for in the city there comes to fruition.

The problem with that day trip and the remaining few days of the travel was of course learning of the death of evil_dwagon. I won't go into that much further here as it's discussed elsewhere.

Days of my trip were drawing to a close, and in them I got to spend some time with Chris, who I hadn't seen since 2003, and hadn't gotten to spent any real time with in several years before that, and his partner Wendy who turned out to be even cooler than he'd hinted at. While there, there was Dog Therapy: their year-old Olive made special point of making sure I didn't get too inside my own head. Good dog.

Then, suddenly, it was time to return home. The trip back was uneventful. Since I've been back... well, that's another post.