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Ended - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Feb 16


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I'm sitting in LAX now, waiting for my flight north. Gallifrey One was every bit as excellent as last years'. Actually... somewhat more.

Not going to go into great detail right now, except to say that it was great fun to see so many friendly faces, people I've known for a few years, a few people I've only known a short while and to make some great new friends.

I took quite a few pictures; should get those up soon. Of course, I always say that... it always takes a while.

Special wave to factor17, you're such a wonderful goof. And of course kproche and bovil for all their companionship. Too many other names to add... (and many of them aren't on LJ, so linkspamming is less useful!)

It's over now, but there's always next year and there's other things to come.