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Gallifrey One - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Feb 13

20:09Gallifrey One 

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At #gallifrey. Whoops, twitterism there. Gallifrey One. Anyways. The drive down was good enough, some sleep and so on.

Prowled through the dealer's room. Hope there's a bit more there tomorrow; I could use some more Big Finish anthologies.

Chatted with Colin Baker very briefly. Saw David Gareth-Lloyd et. al. Parties tonight, all sorts of fun ahead. One anticipates.

I need to get to the photo shoot tomorrow morning. A picture with Nicola Bryant would be most excellent, to put next to the one I have with her from *mumble mumble* years ago.

Hotel network sucks. *shock* Dunno how I'll be able to watch this week's BSG before next week!

Worked out at the hotel "gym". It's disappointing to see how much I've lost over the surgery and recovery periods. BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. And... I will pay for this tomorrow.

Mmmm, fooooood.


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Date:2009 Feb 14 - 02:46 (UTC)
What a cool day!