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First the bad news. The search agency for the position on the West Coast that appealed to me greatly called and said they were going to pass. Two rejections in four days... not a great pattern. No reason given. I pushed back a bit, trying to get some additional information, as the fit seemed pretty good, and the feedback that they had given didn't quite seem right. Of course, I didn't expect anything of it. Dampened the day.

Then the good news. Late in the day, the search agency called back to clarify something in my resume. Simple one word answer and I've got a (phone) interview on Friday. (First of probably three interviews if things go well). Still a low probability, but quite intriguing.

And then the odd news. I signed up on Twitter. Not because I believe in feeding the short-attention span culture that we seem to inhabit, but because I can use it to keep track of a few things... and of course, that I got a Twitter to Jabber bridge working so that anything I'm watching gets fed to me as an IM rather than annoying (and expensive) text messages or sitting in front of a web page. Still, I don't expect to get a lot of use out it, but it's there.

Hmm, I'm supposed to be on vacation...
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