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Never Check Your E-mail in an Airport - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Feb 09

13:06Never Check Your E-mail in an Airport 

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Well, maybe "never" is a bit strong, but you should be ready for... anything.

In my case, it was a big let-down on the work search front. Though the commute would have been difficult, and the company not exactly Powerdown-proofed, the position sounded really interesting (and fun) and I seemed to get on quite well with the people there. Nevertheless, after the second interview, they passed. Reading between several lines, I think they're being extremely picky. Which is their right of course. I also get the feeling that this position has been open for quite a long while.

So, while I'm on this trip, including stops in San Jose, LA, and the Seattle area, I have this niggling Must Find Work mantra going through the back of my mind.

I am having a good time though. More on that later.


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Date:2009 Feb 10 - 03:36 (UTC)

Thbbbbffffffffff on them!
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Date:2009 Feb 10 - 18:02 (UTC)
That's a succint way of putting it. :D

Unfortunately, not very productive. Hehe.
Date:2009 Feb 10 - 17:51 (UTC)
San Jose? When?
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Date:2009 Feb 10 - 18:01 (UTC)
Sort of now-ish... until Thursday at least.