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New Year? - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2009 Jan 09

21:26New Year? 

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Erf... holidays... new year... should post...

Physically, I think I'm mostly recovered from the surgery. Mostly. Not 100% yet, but within a workable range, I've definitely gone to work in much worse shape.

Only... there's no work to go to... but, no, not whining about that. I've got the resume cleaned up, posted places, working contacts, and have come across a couple of postings that I would probably like. Or at least I'd be well-suited to.

I hate cover letters. No, really. I'm bad at selling myself, and they always feel so false. When I've been involved in the hiring process, selecting resources, cover letters get little attention; I've mostly looked at them in borderline cases, where the resume or interview was good, but perhaps not quite good enough, or if there is a close pairing between two candidates. Unforuntately, I know most people don't work that way, so cover letters are a necessary evil.

As for the rest... see next rock.