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Well. Lemme see. I've been quiet a couple of weeks. No worries,… - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Dec 15


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Well. Lemme see. I've been quiet a couple of weeks. No worries, really. Just nothing terribly exciting to report.

Pain is largely gone; there are a couple of little bits of discomfort and I have to remember not to walk too much, or take the stairs too quickly, but I'm mostly moving normally. Which is handy as trips to the washroom are still fairly frequent. My GI specialist advised Imodium, which is helping some, but it's not a miracle. Flagyl is still making its presence known, but it's more an annoyance than an actual problem.

So. Nothing exciting.


The surgeon suggests (and has documented) that I should be able to return to work in early January.


I no longer have a job to return to.

The company let go about 5% of its global workforce. They pared the development office in town from 61 to 18. As I understand it, there was some confusion on what to do about me, as I'm still on Short Term Disability. In the end, the sensible position arose (well, as sensible as they can be with letting the particular set of people go that they did). The termination is effective when my Short Term Disability is done. Then, the termination/severance/dole package starts up. Of course, I can't disclose details of the package.

It doesn't suck. But I may be doing some negotiation.

So, in the meantime, I've updated my résumé and my postings on the major job sites around here and LinkedIn. Had a couple of vague queries from headhunters. Nothing to get excited about, but it's nice to be noticed.

(I've also had invitations to become a "Financial Consultant". I just laughed, deleted the e-mail and flipped to the day's The Automatic Earth.)

The Gallifrey One / Left Coast trip I had pencilled in for February will probably still go ahead. The biggest expense for that by far is the airfare, and I'd planned on using frequent flyer miles for that anyways.

I'm an early casualty of the Greater Depression. Hopefully early enough that I can tunnel in some other place before the main front hits.


Date:2008 Dec 16 - 04:56 (UTC)
I think Nic was out of work for about 18 months, then got a great job. They fired most of the people after (I think) his third month. He has been out of work for months and months now, with no unimployment money.

Until the computer industry gets back on its feet, I don't see much hope.

I hope Canada has some openings. Sure glad you got the surgery done while you are covered.
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Date:2008 Dec 16 - 21:59 (UTC)
Yes, while our socialized medicine covers the necessities, it was nice to have some additional coverage for some things. And of course the short term disability payments themselves.

I think... I hope... I'll be okay. I'm not pushing too hard yet, but there still seem to be some open avenues. Almost certainly most will be truly blind, but I'm not turning anything away quite yet.
Date:2008 Dec 16 - 19:50 (UTC)
Hit me on LinkedIn (under my real name). From there, you can get to Susan "Queen of the Networkers" Shwartz's positively huge network.

There's stuff out there for Talent. You have Talent. Just remember the large, friendly letters on the cover say "Don't Panic".

I am currently following one of my favorite old boss's advice: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.") Why? Because the amount of Stuff I'm doing in association with the move and NewJob is staggering, so I'm forcing myself to do one thing at a time in sequence instead of being overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.
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Date:2008 Dec 16 - 22:01 (UTC)
Okidoki. I invited you to my network (such as it is). Or at least, I think I did. There certainly are a lot of you floating about. Even ones from the same places... Let me know if I didn't hit the right one.

The main problem with some of my network is that there's this border thing in the way, and crossing it for work purposes (especially in modestly permanent way) is fraught with difficulty that increases the barrier to entry (so to speak). Still, I'm not turning much away so far.
Date:2008 Dec 16 - 23:00 (UTC)
Yes, this is true, but there are plenty of opportunities in the Toronto area -- it's not the financial capital of Canada for nothing -- and through the magic of multi-nationals, there are calls for your brand of talent there locally.

And yes, you found me on LinkedIn just fine. I cheat a bit: the race car in my LinkedIn photo is a clear identifier of "me" to those who know me. I tried a picture of the "GRYPHON" license plate, but at that size/resolution, it was unreadable. Unfortunately, here in Texas, I can only have 6 characters, not 7, but "GRYPHN" is available. :)

I just updated my profile to reflect my new location. It doesn't apparently recognize my zip code as part of Houston, so I'll have to try the office zip code.
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Date:2008 Dec 17 - 02:40 (UTC)
Well, yes, Toronto is a World City (though less high on the list than it has often thought itself). That's part of what drew me here in the first place.

Talent and $2.50 will get me on the subway. ;)

Yes, I understand. I have a decent résumé, and it seems to have garnered some attention. I hope I will find something. I'm a bit better off this time around in terms of mental preparation. Last time it took 11 months to find something. I know what I did poorly though, and this time I hope to do better. This is of course countered by the quickly-worsening general state of the world. Canada is lagging the US is terms of downward trends, but it is not (cannot and will not) escaping it.

LinkedIn is odd. But then, most social networking sites are odd to me. I'm just not a good self-seller.

And yes, the image was a bit of a hint.
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Date:2008 Dec 16 - 22:15 (UTC)
Eep! Many nice thoughts headed your way!

I mentioned you specifically in my own LJ. http://spiziks.livejournal.com/97470.html Just for fun. Could take your mind off things. :)
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Date:2008 Dec 17 - 02:42 (UTC)
Replied. Amusing momentary diversion.

Nice thoughts are welcome.

Part of what I'm dreading in the next while is the sheer number of open mental threads I'll need to have going while in the active job search. I can multitask, but only to a point, and then I start thrashing badly. AH well, I'll figure something out. I always have so far.
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Date:2008 Dec 19 - 04:18 (UTC)
Erf, I suppose it's better than finding out when you go back to the office, but still ... good luck!