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Random update - Musings of Unayok

2008 Dec 02

17:28Random update 

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Things have settled some. I have no tubes; I have no bandaging on the surgery wound. Doesn't look too pretty, but it no longer needs to be covered.

I am able to sleep on either side instead of just on my back. This seems like a minor thing but it is a massive relief to me, as I normally shift from position to position in the night and being prevented from doing so reduced my sleep periods.

No longer on Percocet, either. Making do with plain extra-strength acetominophen/paracetamol (albeit near the maximum daily dose) and the occasional ibuprofen.

Still, things are nowhere near normal yet. Sleep is often intermittent with twinges. I am noticing minor side effects from the Flagyl (the Taste in the back of my mouth, headache). Trips to the washroom are frequent and sometimes annoying, but I expect some of this is related to the Flagyl. At least I haven't been nauseous as I was the last time I was on the stuff.

I can get around okay, if moving slower than I used to, as things continually adjust in my gut. Sitting in one pose for prolonged periods... not a wise idea. But, stairs don't present a problem, and I didn't really need the cane at all when visiting the surgeon yesterday.

My mental focus is slowly returning and I can focus on some things for reasonable periods. These fall into three general tasks: doing additional processing on the negatives scanned in before the surgery, playing some in the Mines Of Moria with my kinship (disappointing them some when I can't go on 3-4 hour runs), and pondering LVM/RAID configurations. Intersperse this with my continuing "rewatch" of Babylon 5 and Jupiter Moon as non-focussed activity, and I think I'm doing fairly well.

The fourfoot was very very happy to be allowed back into the bedroom (and on the bed) now that there are no unsealed inappropriate holes in me. Was? No, still is. His universe is returning to normal. And I'm around a lot more, which makes things even better.

My goal this week is to make it out... somewhere... for a walk. Not sure what that will entail. Maybe just up to a local store, maybe to a mall (though I'm not sure I want to be dealing with Christmas crowds). And slowly work on regaining some weight, seeing what exercises I can do without triggering badness ("badness" can be pain, or simply a Potty Emergency).


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Date:2008 Dec 06 - 07:32 (UTC)

I'm so glad to know you are continuing to improve. This is wonderful.

I'm also glad Hudson is able to hang out with you again. This is good for both of you.

Jupiter Moon... Oh the bad hair and the big drama... LOL
Date:2008 Dec 07 - 20:32 (UTC)
Been working 10 hour days.Searched for your news, finally figured out I could come straight here. Glad you are feeling better. Since it has been a few days, did you make it outside for a walk? Was it good?