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First full day home. In general: kinda boring. No constant churn of… - Musings of Unayok

2008 Nov 20


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First full day home. In general: kinda boring. No constant churn of nurses, patients, doctors, visitors and support staff. Just the sound of Hudson coming to the top of the stairs to check to see if the barrier into his (my) room was removed yet from time to time.

I did spend some time downstairs. Enough to get Mines of Moria patched onto the winders box. It'll be a suitable distraction over the next few weeks.

Home care nurse visited, (yawn) noted how litle the drain was actually draining and commented that it was really time for at least half of the staples to come out. She went away.

I trimmed the facial hair some so I look less like a refugee. Less.

The trickiest part of the day was not long ago when, with considerable planning, I made up two network patch cables and installed them (I had some help with this) so I have a full 1000Mbps connection for the notebook upstairs. With exciting days like this, it's hard to imagine what tomorrow will bring!

Actually, I think that was about the extent of my energy and focus today. There is enough pain to keep me cautious in my actions, but not enough to be problematic. One day at a time.


Date:2008 Nov 21 - 16:15 (UTC)
I am very pleased you made it upstairs. I had to stay downstairs for weeks and weeks after I got home.

Your recovery sounds well ahead of schedule.