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Home - Musings of Unayok

2008 Nov 19


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About 8 hours ago, I escaped from the hospital. Well, not really. But I left it anyways, and now I'm back home.

I have one drain left, with a Home Care nurse coming in each day to change dressings and such.

This is a very large relief. The fourfoot was ecstatic to see me. He's much less pleased that he's barred from the bedroom where I'm destined to spend the majority of the next little while. Not to mention the bed. But I think he's settling into that. He'll have to: until the drain is removed (a week?) and the staples are removed (same) that's how it will be.

Down to one antibotic (Flagyl) and a different pain regimen: percocet and ibuprofen. I can see how people get hooked on percocet. I don't expect I'll have a problem with it though.

As it's been three weeks since surgery, my core muscles have knitted somewhat. This makes the stairs somewhat less of an odyssey than they would certainly have been even a few days ago. Even so, I'm not going to be using them tooo much. Just that it is possible when necessary.

On a geekery side, I've got xmove set up so that I can redeploy the windows for my IM, e-mail and IRC clients from one machine to another without having to restart them each time. Couple of twists there, but it works well enough.

Now, however... I don't have a hard focussed goal. Just "get better". Before it was "get well enough to feel good about leaving hospital". So I'm just relaxing a few days.

It is good to be home.


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Date:2008 Nov 20 - 03:38 (UTC)

Glad you're recovering.

Stay strong and don't pick up any wooden nickels just yet.
Date:2008 Nov 20 - 16:10 (UTC)
Yay for home! Always a huge help to recovery, IMGDO, is getting the frak out of the hospital.

Family wisdom passed down through the generations says you can enter a hospital perfectly healthy and emerge a week later feeling like utter crap. Thus minimizing one's time in hospital is a Good Thing.

Keep healing!
Date:2008 Nov 20 - 17:19 (UTC)
it all sounds great. Happy four foot too!
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Date:2008 Nov 20 - 21:45 (UTC)
So nice to be home!