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Day XXI - Musings of Unayok

2008 Nov 17

08:37Day XXI 

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This is beginning to get a bit repetitious. Another day, another minor increment. Note I'm not complaining; I can just see how reading these niggling little details might get a bit boring.

Two main occurrences yesterday. First, the PICC line was removed. This leaves just one drain as the only tube in me. Second, as a result of the first, I've been a bit more active, and I have been moving into odd (of late) positions and muscle movements, so I think I may have over exerted and introduced a couple little muscle strains into the mix. The occasional ibuprofen appears to deal with this as well as the phantom pokage I feel from the remaining drain.

Random statistic: 7kg. That's about how much weight I've lost since I went in for surgery. A lot of muscle (as that's usually the first to go) and some fat. So basically I'm starting from square zero on the fitness thing when I'm healed. And I will get back on it. Very carefully and slowly.

As a moderate distraction I'm tinkering with a new heuristic sudoku solver written in Python. I know there are some out there, and what I'm doing isn't revolutionary, but it's a nice, bounded intellectual activity I can take in small doses and add to as things go by. It can already solve most easy or moderate ones (typically in 1 or 2 hundredths of a second), and that's only with a very simple solver. This is tinkering/playing around, so totally non-serious. Just keeping my mind active.