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Freedom! Well, of a sort. - Musings of Unayok

2008 Nov 16

05:18Freedom! Well, of a sort. 

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Saturday was still another mixed sort of day. A couple of definitely positive things happened. First, they removed one of the drains. A thoroughly odd sensation! Second, they discontinued my IV, capping my PICC line. I no longer have to drag my portable Eiffel tower along wherever I should roam.

However, been roaming a bit less as there is a little bit of irritation from the other drain; the medical team seems reluctant to attempt to move it around some as it's not actually properly painful and the risk of having to rerun the entire drain is fairly high. Still, losing the IV pole, not to mention the pumps has shortened my Potty Emergency lead time considerably. No Highland Fling yet, though.

My mom finally headed for home on Saturday as well. She originally came down for the week of the surgery and stayed over longer when there were some difficulties. I think it's kind of a good time for her to head back but she is a good hospital visitor.

Pain's been a bit uneven but within tolerable parameters and I haven't needed a "breakthrough" in the better part of a day.

Food is hit or miss. Some of it's actually passable; when something is sweet, though, it tends to be overly sweet. Ack, I'm just noticing how much weight I've lost. I'm scared to weigh myself.

With the notebook around I have some nice distractions, though at times it can be difficult to find a comfortable position I haven't already been in for far too long.

No official release forecast, but mid-week (with the one remaining drain, but without the PICC line) seems possible.


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Date:2008 Nov 16 - 14:26 (UTC)
And remember--you're still forbidden to surf porn! You'll shock the interns.
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Date:2008 Nov 16 - 15:24 (UTC)
Actually it probably wouldn't matter, except I am on an extreme data diet so images for everything are turned off and I'm doing almost exclusively IM or IRC or e-mail.

Plus... oddly... a hospital doesn't exactly fire up my libido much.

Date:2008 Nov 16 - 17:31 (UTC)
Been away for a bit (not having fun, just swamped with trivia)

Glad things are progressing for you.
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Date:2008 Nov 16 - 20:33 (UTC)
I'm very pleased to hear things are progressing; much more smoothly now, it seems.

Regretfully, I won't be able to make it in today (as you may have guessed at this point). The patch I put on the driveway a couple of weeks back liquefied in the rain yesterday, so I spent several hours starting this morning scraping, then scrubbing, the useless guck of the driveway.

Now I need to find the receipt, and take the bag of liquefied guck to Home Depot and see what they have to say... :-P

I hope you're having a better day than that. :)