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Toast - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Nov 13


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Another small step; this one is a bit more tentative to me, as I was expecting to hold the status quo a little bit longer (another day).

I had toast today, with solid food (in limited quantities) for the other meals: a rather sad impression of cabbage roll, and a passable baked chicken thigh. Each with a scoop of unfortunate reconstituted mashed potato.

Still, it seems to be settling well enough. The drains are not draining much now. New pain regimen seems okay too. Not quite the same, but I think I'm handling it well. Various bits of swelling have been going down (slowly!), which is a bit of a relief.

I'm idling on IM a bit more so you can probably find me there at one point or another. Either awake or asleep.

As for getting out of here... we're not assigning dates yet, but I'm definitely here through the weekend; the TPN will probably be finally stopped over the weekend, and the drains out... when they're done. Perhaps Monday. So, Wednesday next seems a prudent day to guess.

I do appreciate all of the thanks and well wishes; I'm not quite of a state of mind to reply to most individually (or indeed to read much of my friends page yet) but they have all been very helpful.


Date:2008 Nov 14 - 02:26 (UTC)
food is good. Is hospital food like airline food, and not really considered that?

Any Doogie Howser types to entertain you? At least eye candy wouldn't have many calories!


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Date:2008 Nov 14 - 05:19 (UTC)
"Doogie Howser" and "eye candy" do not belong in a sentence together.

It's actually a bit amusing that they pointedly use (fairly) popularly brand names for their peanut butter and margarine (uck), as well as (on the item list at least) for soups and the like. I mean, I don't consider Kraft peanut butter the height of nutrition (sugar salt and hydrogenated vegetable oil don't belong in peanut butter!). I expect (apart from being somewhat cheaper in a socialized system) that this has to do with communication of "see? it's the stuff you use at home, only... it's here".

Which might explain why some of the stuff isn't actually bad... just... mundane. Can't stand instant mashed potato, for instance... regardless of the brand name...
Date:2008 Nov 15 - 01:03 (UTC)
Awww, c'mon - how can you not love Neil Patrick Harris? At least as Dr Horrible?

Regarding the food, I find it ironic that a hospital would not take a look at the nutritional content of the stuff they're serving. Instant spuds?
Can someone please explain energy density to them and why it is nutritionally better?

Speaking of which, to really put you off your feed (such as it is) a link to my favorite Irish boyband's newest release in the UK, Better -
which features the precedent of one of the male members having a male love interest in a video for the first time:


Hope it doesn't make you gag too much! ;)
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Date:2008 Nov 15 - 01:54 (UTC)
Considering the data diet I'm on, i'll hold off on the video until I'm home. And perhaps even longer!!

I think they are taking some consideration of the nutritional content. And adjusting for it in some way.

And well... I was always more of a Parker Lewis adherent than anything else (or, to be more precise Mikey Randall).

Date:2008 Nov 14 - 20:12 (UTC)
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Date:2008 Nov 15 - 01:57 (UTC)

Re: powdered toast?

It's a streaming broadcast, or so it seems.

Every day has ups and downs. Today was fairly neutral, with some natural drift up, I think. Definitely much more positive than the weekend after the surgery.