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I can taste!

Today is a bit uneven -- they're changing my pain meds around a bit, to see if we can reduce the dead periods between doses a little bit. Some adjusting to it yet to do, but I agreed to work with it through tomorrow.

I'm slooooowly getting upgraded... the scan on Monday was generally good: no new holes. Full fluids yesterday, and this morning I had oatmeal. This might seem like a very small thing, but it's the most solid thing I've had to eat (aside from pills) in two weeks. And it seems to have been processed with minimal additional problem. So, split pea soup (which I never liked before, but found quite acceptable), some other soups, several cans of Ensure HP and the oatmeal. But they can't quite get the point that I don't want a lactose-free DIET. I just want lactose-free MILK. Lactose in other things is fine.

We're going to continue slowly ramping up through the weekend. One drain will (probably) come out by the weekend, the other isn't quite finished (though it is much much better than at first).

On to oral antibiotics as well (farewell Afzac(sp?), Gentamycin and Flagyl in a bag, hello Cipro and Flagyl inna pill). And (sniff) good bye Ketoralac. You served me very well indeed.

BTW! I'm actually posting this directly from my hospital room over a cranky old laptop with a cranky softmodem with 400ms pings across dialup. Still. It's progress. I may pop on at random times for instant messages so... yeah.

Now, food has just arrived.
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