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A passel of up(and down) dates - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Nov 07

12:50A passel of up(and down) dates 

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Date:2008 Nov 08 - 01:44 (UTC)
Yowza, I'm glad I escaped the hospital in just a day. The hour and a half with the walker in the corridor as the sun rose was long... but nice in a hospital-y way. 15 unknown people handling me semi-intimately was a bit stressful, but everyone was entirely polite. Good to hear you're getting a bit of nutrition... every bit of that makes a difference.

And I'll echo the idea that your body knows what to do. Give it some trust and patience.

Yea for progress. I'm finding internet much easier than books still. Good luck with that too.