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I will not be getting directly back online from the hospital. It's just a bit too complicated. But I have figured out a convoluted way to do it and even get the odd comment back perhaps.

But first, some news.

The surgery was a success but the day AFTER.... The surgery was far more extensive than originally identified. The surgeon's final report I have not seen but the general count appears to be approximately 45cm of small intestine, 8-10 cm of sigmoid colon, and a small (unidentified except as "only a little") were removed (resected), closing 5 fisulae. Apparently I was doing far worse than anyone though, and I must have a real tolerance for pain that I truly and honestly never really knew existed.

After the surgery, this improved as they would, except that I suspect the transition to beginning clear fluids was too early; this in turn triggered undesired dilation and very unpleasant day and a half. A stomach tube introduced removed around 3 litres of liquid.

I'm not going to get into deep detail about the rest of the week so far; I'm tired already. BUt it has been a number of set backs and solutions. In somewhat arbitrary order.

  • the aforementioned distention prior to reverting to NPO and relieving the pressure

  • three separate changes to my pain management (halfing the morphone does to allow more precise management of pain; switching to HydroMethone when I still presented sensitivity systems to morphine (mild histamine reaction etc). and the cutting the HM dose amount in half (200 mcg) to prevent me from being in a stoned state the first 30+ minutes after the hit. Trust me, it's not fun. Really

  • brief suspicion of cardiac distress. This turned to be transitory, but something that must be followed up after healing

  • swelling (edema) of knees legs and feet. Deep Vein Thromboisis ruled out but still annoying

  • my scrotum is massively filled with liquid. NOt uncommon in this type of operation, but just YET ANOTHER THING

  • every muscle is sore

  • the shower I got to have to day felt like almost the very best one I have ever had.

    • Today has been much better. The catheter is out (again). The stomach tube may be removed tomorrow or wednesday as it is almost never relieving pressure. Minimal gas and similarly minimal bowel stuff is occuring, and I'm feeling a bit like I have turned a corner.

      And the best part??? I have not a chance to watch the screaming and chanting over the gorram US Election!
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