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Tick tock - Musings of Unayok

2008 Oct 28

07:07Tick tock 

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Only a couple of hours left now. For those of you keeping score I did actually finish the negatives last night after all. 1833 images worth.

This matter was safely made the subject of suspense as it is of no importance whatsoever.


Date:2008 Oct 28 - 17:26 (UTC)
-I- think the project is important! and so are you.
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Date:2008 Oct 29 - 06:44 (UTC)

If I second half of this, is that like firsting it?

Unay... I have no opinion on the first clause (because I don't have the foggiest idea what the project is). I am in emphatic agreement with the second.



P.S.: sfmarty, what's the project?