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Countdown - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Oct 27


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There's an odd sense of unreality settling in. Apart from the awkwardness that comes from being on a clear-fluids-diet day, today is actually a physically good day. My gut is mostly quiet (apart from my stomach ocassionally expressing its desire for solid food) and things are going smoothly. Yet I'm less than 24 hours from significant surgery on that same area...

Everything's mostly ready to go for tomorrow, not a lot to do tonight except put together what I'm taking with me (toiletries, oh that's excitement) and relax some.

Oh, and try to scan the remaining negatives. It's going to be close, almost done all the ones I've been able to uncover. Might get the last rolls done today, otherwise there'll be one or two rolls left for afterwards.

Definitely an odd sense of unreality.


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Date:2008 Oct 27 - 19:20 (UTC)
my sympathies. I'm in a very similar boat, but not til Monday. So Halloween will include my pre surgery interview. Whatever exactly that means. ;-)It's funny how over the weekend my brain switched from only-kinda-interested to very-interested in this upcoming event.
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Date:2008 Oct 27 - 21:58 (UTC)
Well, my pre-surgery assessment involved blood and swab tests, blood pressure, ECG, a questionnaire and brief meetings with one of the nurses as well as an anaesthesiologist. Mostly to ensure that everything's good for the surgery, no risk factors for the general, etc.

Assuming I get online afterwards (in time), I'll give you a bit more on what actually happened.

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Date:2008 Oct 27 - 22:32 (UTC)
Such an exciting evening! :)