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A friday - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Oct 24

20:55A friday 

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Last working day prior to the surgery. Got my remaining open items closed off (enough, at least), talked with the couple of people at the office I'm vaguely close to. They all seem rather more sure that I'm going to be okay than I am.

Last pre-surgery appointment with the surgeon as well. Some little complications on the short term disability co-ordination, but nothing significant. It's good to have had the additional CT scan and the other tests. The CT detected an additional section of small intestine that's "attached" to the strictured section. This wasn't there in the last CT scan 18 months ago, so indicates a slightly more aggressive progression. Good time to get it taken care of.

The new section does not seem to be fistulizing as that would have shown up more clearly on the Upper GI, but due to its involvement, it's possible that either a slightly longer single section, or a second (much) smaller resection may have to be done as part of the operation.

Aside from that, ticking over. One foot in front of the other. Trying not to focus on some things. The usual.


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Date:2008 Oct 24 - 23:27 (UTC)
Um . . . good luck? Have fun? Best wishes?
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Date:2008 Oct 25 - 03:24 (UTC)
All positive energy freely given is welcome.


Date:2008 Oct 25 - 02:56 (UTC)
Remember, lots of pillows.
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Date:2008 Oct 25 - 03:22 (UTC)
Right. Pillows.

Anything else I'm forgetting? :)