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The chorus continues...

We are in the midst of a global economic crisis not imagined a few short weeks ago. It is spilling over into the real economy impacting Ontario families and businesses.
I'm confident, though, given the temporary nature of this global economic downturn, we can take the interim steps to preserve our fiscal integrity.
Dwight Duncan, Ontario Finance Minister, 2008 Oct 22

It's almost sickening to watch another choice line from the global Powers That Be Playbook come tumbling out of a mouth of someone whose responsibility is to see further than the next election. Wake up, this isn't temporary. This is the start of a wholesale readjustment in how our society works. Business as usual is done. There's a fork in it. And yes, people were talking about it long ago. You just weren't listening.

It's not just the (provincial) Liberals that find solace and preach from the gospel of the Lord of More. Their orthodox, dogmatic, brethren from the Invisible Hand faction (Conservatives) jibber in outrage at their heretical opponents (recall that a heretic is someone who shares almost all the same beliefs as you) for not cutting taxes and throwing money at industries, ignoring the 3.7 trillion dollars that's been shoveled at the financial sector (is that the unreal economy, Mr. Duncan?) in the U.S. so far and still the stock market crumbles.

Meanwhile, "organized labour" and their political friends (the NDP) follow their own modified worship of the Lord of More and seem to be headed down the road of labour disruptions as their own desired Business as Usual is thwarted yet again.

And the ability for us to respond in a co-ordinated and useful manner in anticipation of these changes — the power down — dwindles just a tiny bit further.

This was supposed to be a lighter entry, but you all know how that goes...
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