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Pre-Operative Assessment

Another day, another battery of tests.

Oh... that sounds dramatic. But really it wasn't. Suck out 4 tiny vials of blood; hook a few different bits up to an ECG; swab a few bits of my anatomy for bacterial cultures; answer a few personal history questions. Still took up a bit of time.

This was, on the whole, the least positive experience I've had at the hospital facility. It wasn't bad. It was neutral. All the tests and such I've had have gone fairly well; even when the procedure was unpleasant, the staff were all attentive and personable. The pre-operative clinic — though not bad on the absolute scale of such experiences was still not a bad one — seemed to stand out in heightened contrast.

Well, maybe not all of it. The administration of it definitely did. Lots of waiting, and some bureaucracy to navigate. The staff involved in those sections appeared a bit underwhelmed by everything.

When I did get to talk to the anæsthesiologist it was back to attentive and personable, and efficient. Similarly with the final nurse, going over prep instructions, suggestions for pain management afterwards and expectations and the like.

But it's over (and as I said it wasn't actually bad). No more tests prior to The Day. One more consult with the surgeon a few days before it, and a bit more contingency planning to go.
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