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Okay, going to try to not have more than one surgery-related post in a row for a bit. :D

I've mentioned earlier that I've been working on scanning in pictures that I've taken at conventions and events past... dim and distant past... like the '90s. Before I got my digital cameras.

I got around 350 images in and then a buddy who I used to work with (before he got "restructured" out of a job last month) pipes up and says: "hey, why don't you borrow my [not cheap] negative scanner?"

So I basically started over, with a different organization and I'm about 500 images into that. It's not particularly faster, but it requires much less fussing about once I've set up for a particular roll. Also, the frame count isn't as useful as I'm scanning all images off each roll, rather than picking and choosing as I was off of the prints.

Still, the negatives are marginally better organized than the prints were, and the image quality will be much nicer. Whenever it all gets done.
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