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Probing day redux

With the surgery less than two weeks away, yesterday was a day of unpleasantness. Actually, Tuesday was more unpleasant as it involved the preparations for yesterday's CT Scan and sigmoidoscopy. The day of the tests was doable nearly on automatic.

CT scan was quick and easy. The other bit took a bit longer as the endoscopy facilities at the hospital do have a somewhat larger throughput. Even that went... relatively well. Done without sedation, not exactly the best of times, of course.

The surgeon was there, of course, and he and I have some rapport; I think he appreciates my intense interest in learning everything I can about what's about to happen. So I was tempted, but managed to withhold a couple of slightly sarcastic atmosphere-lightening lines, like "Usually when I'm physically violated like this, I at least get a cuddle out if it."

After both of the tests, home for a very decadent and bad-for-me sandwich rich in fatty meats and cheese. A very good first meal in 36 hours.

The rest of the day was spent dealing with the cramping and such that is common in my case after the investigations.

Today is even easier. Pre-operative Assessment. Blood and urine tests, maybe an ECG and an X-ray or two surrounded by questionnaires on medical history and so on.

Then a bit of a break on the medical preparations side until just before The Day. Just enough time to stress over the legal and financial preparations.
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