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Ancient History

I've got rather a lot of pictures floating around my site, and the static image gallery generator I have been using (BINS) is... well... it's nifty, but it's glacially slow. And does more than I really want or need.

So I've been writing a new one. It's much faster, handles incremental updates well, and is (mostly) backwards-compatible with the meta-data files used by BINS. It's getting close to being ready to show off.

But now I'm distracted... I've discovered that cheapo scanner (HP ScanJet 2300c) now works with Linux under SANE. So I'm beginning to troll through the boxes of ancient analog tech photos I took in the 1990s. And scanning some. The gallery may get a big boost, and some of the old images I scanned in ages ago may get facelifts.

Yeah, big deal. But it's a bit of a sense of completeness...
Tags: 1990s, gallery
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