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Bounty - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Aug 18


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Some bounty
A few random things. First, harvested some from the garden. Not as much as I might have, but still some for freshness. Carrots are lovely, tomato... well, close. Peppers will be nice, and the onions too. The neighbours may encounter some odd scents as some of it gets actively dried for use in the colder seasons.

The cucumbers (see some of the new pics in the linked album) are trying, but may not do so well. We will see. Oh and orange-glazed beets are good.

Cycled 30km on Saturday. Had to go to the office to pick up my wallet and phone. Silly puppy left them in his desk drawer when he went to the gym and forgot to extract them before dashing home between the rains on the Friday. From there, headed downtown for a few errands, then back home. It was a good ride and a very nice day where it didn't rain at all.

Only one more generic SMS from my mysterious Iraqi "friend". Should I feel jilted?