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Weirdness... - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Aug 16


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+9647701??????? : Hay
An odd SMS to receive. From Iraq...

Now, I only know one person who might be in Iraq at this precise moment... and he'd have other ways to get ahold of me. So, play it cagey.
+1416??????? : Hay whu?
+9647701??????? : Inot know u but hope to be your friend. Wouldu like
At 10 cents a (n outgoing) message, unfortunately, it's not going to happen. ;)

(I intentionally don't add SMS to my plan; my phone is not my IM centre)

But still, this gets a O.o from me.

Update: Overnight, more messages!
+964770110???? (Asia Tel mobile number): Hay
+964770110???? : Hay
+964770110???? : Wats ansa wer
+964770110???? : Wats ansa wer
Each pair of repeated messages were fairly close together.

I detect a script of some form or another. Gosh. I feel speshul.


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Date:2008 Aug 17 - 07:21 (UTC)
Well at least, I'm not playing the Iraq game anymore :P But that would lift an eyebrow for me since cell phones from america don't work over there...and getting a hold of a cell phone that will work over there isn't very easy, if at all reasonably possible. Email is more readily available then SMS messages
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Date:2008 Aug 17 - 07:49 (UTC)
Actually the GSM carrier handsets do. (ATT and T-mobile)

But texting from another country doesn't change the origin phone number. I could text you from there with my handset (were I there) and it would show my US number. Sent a few texts from Austria a few years ago...

They didn't have cellular there or email access when I "visited." (back in 1991)

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Date:2008 Aug 17 - 09:36 (UTC)
Mobile phones are much more available there than they were. And SMS between different phone technologies happens all the time. SMS is just a data packet (very expensive data in some cases, but not tied to whether both ends are GSM or not).

Well, overnight, there's been a couple more. It's almost amusing in a way, but points to a formula/script... I added those to the main post.

I wonder if he'll tell me I've won the spanish lottery or needs help getting Random African money into the country.