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2008 Aug 15


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Date:2008 Aug 19 - 02:51 (UTC)
Well, this session was only around 90 minutes. It doesn't tickle of course, but... well, difficult to explain. There's an endorphin rush that starts about 5 minutes into the session. For quite a while it's not dissimilar to the "hurts so good" type of pain.

For a very rough approximation of the level of sensation (assuming you have relatively close-trimmed nails). Put the tips of your middle finger and thumb together so the nails will meet. Wiggle your fingers so that the nails separate and pinch together a little a couple times a second. Now put them up against some skin, so the pinching catches the skin. Then extrapolate it happening for a prolonged period. ;)

After the endorphins burn away is when the raw feeling start, and that part isn't quite so great. But... I think it's still worthwhile.