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Pictures... - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Aug 15


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First another in the series of reasonably decent pictures of Hudson. Also in this recent section, an encounter (safely behind glass) with one of the newest feline members of the neighbourhood: ninja. Not showing much fear, at all. Wariness, yes. Fear... not so much.

The garden has been a bit less entirely wonderful. The root vegetables are doing quite well, even managed to get a few pods of peas off the one pea seed that germinated. However... one of the garlc plants turns out to not be garlic... one of the two bean plants turns out to not be a bean plant... and the cucumbers are having leaf troubles. I expect maybe cucumber mosaic virus, but I'm not sure. regardless, I think they'll be a bit of a miss this year. The peppers are doing fine, and the tomato plants... oi, weighed down with massive fruits! Which the slugs, snails and neighbourhood cats seem to like.

The basil is (as usual) run riot, which is great. Basil is a wonderful thing.

The tattoo is well-healed now and I think it looks really quite good. Ronan did an excellent job on it. Should be safe enough now to show it off a bit (with appropriate sunscreen of course). If the weather here co-operates. It's the wettest summer on record here now. But that's not related to tattoos... Next sessions are in September for something somewhat different and unrelated to the chest.


Date:2008 Aug 16 - 04:55 (UTC)
Beautiful tats, but lordy that must have hurt!
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Date:2008 Aug 19 - 02:51 (UTC)
Well, this session was only around 90 minutes. It doesn't tickle of course, but... well, difficult to explain. There's an endorphin rush that starts about 5 minutes into the session. For quite a while it's not dissimilar to the "hurts so good" type of pain.

For a very rough approximation of the level of sensation (assuming you have relatively close-trimmed nails). Put the tips of your middle finger and thumb together so the nails will meet. Wiggle your fingers so that the nails separate and pinch together a little a couple times a second. Now put them up against some skin, so the pinching catches the skin. Then extrapolate it happening for a prolonged period. ;)

After the endorphins burn away is when the raw feeling start, and that part isn't quite so great. But... I think it's still worthwhile.
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Date:2008 Aug 19 - 02:08 (UTC)
Nice inkwork, definitely.

Oh, and fresh basil, and lots? PESTO TIME!
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Date:2008 Aug 19 - 02:44 (UTC)
And basil tea. There's oregano, thyme, and rosemary as well. All of the herbs did well this year, but the star is the basil. Definitely.

Thanks for the comment on the inkwork. I got it mostly for me, but I certainly like it when others appreciate it too. :)