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Yesterday was one of the more unpleasant days I've had in a long time. To be sure, not in the same league as people with acute chronic pain, or involved in painful therapies or anything, but rather unpleasant nonetheless.

I had an Upper G.I. series with small bowel follow through. The first part wasn't much of a problem, of course. Drink some horrible stuff that tastes like someone once made a half-hearted attempt to make taste like strawberry, and stand on a platform while it jiggles you about and doctors take pictures, all the while reminding you not to burp.

That was the easy part.

The uncomfortable part started later, with the small bowel follow-through that went on interminably. In for 0800, last picture taken at about 1520. Between not eating for 16 hours, and having my guts moved around by this innocent-looking compression pad (to get decent images of the really interesting parts), I was a little grouchy by the end despite the fact that everyone at the hospital was friendly, relatively happy, effective and not harried (as can happen during busy times).

Today's been recovery. My guts feel rather raw. The epigastric discomfort's returned and the lower portions are complaining more than they have in years.

Still, I'm coping with it, and it is getting better. Just didn't quite expect it to hit me quite so hard or long. Didn't happen like this last time... Glad the barium's pretty much out my system, too.

No pics for this entry yet... maybe next week. ;)
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